National Register for Reflexologists in Ireland (NRRI)

The NRRI stands for the National Register for Reflexologists in Ireland.  It was set up in 1998 as a professional body regulating the practice of Reflexology in Ireland and accredited as a professional regulatory body by Irish Life Health, VHI Healthcare, Glo Health & LAYA Health.  Only qualified Reflexologists who have Insurance can become members of this organisation.  They must also engage in the NRRI programme of Continuous Professional Development (CPD) to maintain their membership.

The benefits for my clients are;

Firstly, being able to claim back part payment of a treatment from your Private Health Insurer.  It is recommended that you contact your Private Health Insurer before coming for treatment to confirm that you can make a claim.

Secondly, being a member of the NRRI can give you confidence that my skills are current and that they are being continuously updated because of the CPD programme.

For more information on the NRRI, please see

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