How would it feel to be totally supported and cared for on your fertility journey ?

Are you fed up with seeing that NEGATIVE pregnancy test ?

Every month are you hoping and praying that “this is going to be the one“, I am finally going to be pregnant ?

Are you stressed and anxious because of your inability to conceive ?

Is getting pregnant the only thing you can think about from the moment you wake up in the morning until the moment you fall asleep ?

It is believed that one in six couples in Ireland are unable to conceive making it one of the most stressful situations to go through in life, comparable to divorce and death.  Approximately one third of fertility issues are on the male side, one third on the female side and the remaining third are issues on both the male and female sides.

Infertility can be linked to stress, anxiety and hormonal imbalances causing Endometriosis, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, irregular or no menstrual cycle etc.  The ability to conceive can also be dependent on factors such as the foods you eat, your lifestyle and occupation, affecting both you and your partner. 



How amazing would it feel to finally hold that longed for baby in your hands ?

The road to pregnancy can be a tough one for a lot of people for whatever reason.  Sometimes life just doesn’t seem fair because everyone else is getting pregnant and you’re not.

Well, why not come to someone who really understands what you are going through and who can holistically reduce your stress and help activate your fertility, through Reflexology, Reiki energy healing, Visualisations etc.


So, let me start back as far as our Pre-Marriage course in 1996 when we were advised that couples should really start trying to get pregnant as soon as they get married.  The reason being that too many couples have difficulties getting pregnant and it could take time to have the family we want.  We both thought that wouldn’t be us and I suppose we didn’t think about it too much as we were both highly ambitious and in very good jobs.   So we got married and after a year of trying and being unsuccessful, I did get a little inkling that indeed this could be us so we went to our GP.  He wasn’t unduly concerned but sent us off to get investigated anyway.

I was shocked to discover that I had Endometriosis having not really experienced a lot of the symptoms that most women would have.  I also had high Prolactin and Cortisol levels and was packed off for an x-ray on my Pituitary gland to make sure there were no growths there.  They put the high results down to stress.   It was also discovered that my husband had Sperm antibodies which makes it a little difficult for the sperm to swim and fertilize an egg due to agglutination.  So, it was going to take a miracle, and do you know what……..  We got our miracle, naturally !!!

However, before our miracle arrived, we went through two IVF/ICSI treatments which failed and we were told “to consider our quality of life without children” by a doctor.  We were given no hope and were devastated at the failure of our treatments knowing that we had little embryos, the start of little human beings in my tummy, and they didn’t survive.  Each treatment failure felt like a bereavement  and what’s worse is that no one else, not even family, understood the depth of our heartache.  We always said that we would just do the two treatments and if that failed, then we would consider adoption.  At the same time as embarking on our adoption journey, we also changed our lifestyles, ate a bigger proportion of organic foods, reduced our toxic load from toiletries, cosmetics and household cleaners and got involved in a more active lifestyle.

After 3 years on our adoption journey, we brought home the most gorgeous baby boy who became the light of our lives.


We were only home five days and I began to feel very unwell.  I put it down to all the travelling we had to do during the adoption process.  It’s so funny, after all the years of looking for signs and symptoms of being pregnant, I didn’t cop them immediately when I had them !   I went off to the chemist and bought a pregnancy test and was shocked to see the lines come up.  I thought to myself that it must be a False positive, even though I don’t think there is such a thing.  So off I went to the chemist again and bought a second pregnancy test which says “Pregnant/Not Pregnant”.  There could be no mistake with that !  It came up “Pregnant”.  So there I was with a little 6 month baby in my arms and another on the way.  We were delighted.

So what I learnt on my own journey is this;

  • Your body can be really really stressed but you actually don’t feel like you are.  It took a blood test to tell me this.
  • I believe stress caused my hormones to be out of balance and may have contributed to my Endometriosis.
  • We all carry stress in different parts of our body.  Some people carry it in their shoulders, some in their hips and back, I know now that I carry my stress around the baby making sacral area.  I know this because when I get a Reiki energy healing, I can feel the weight lifting off that area, even to this day.
  • You have to have a positive mental attitude.  Even though we were told by the professionals that this wouldn’t happen for us, I always believed that it would.


What Am I Offering You ?

I am a certified Reflexology therapist and I am offering a 12 week Holistic Fertility Program.   It will be a unique blend of treatments to increase your fertility and provide caring support for you on your journey.

After our first meeting, I will put together a weekly personal fertility plan for you depending on your diagnosis. The aims of this plan is to support your Mind, Body and Emotions as well as your fertility.

It will comprise mainly of Fertility Reflexology and other treatments.


What Will This Program Do For You ?

* Reduces Stress and Anxiety

* Detoxes the Body

* Increases Positivity putting you in a better state of mind

* Effectively balances hormones in Women and Men

* Encourages good circulation throughout the body including the pelvic area.

* Increases Sexual Desire

* Improves Insomnia

* Mind, Body and Emotions approach to Fertility

Special Introductory Offer…..


Holistic Fertility Package - One Person

This package is for one person to enjoy a unique blend of these beneficial and healing holistic treatments based around Fertility Reflexology.


Holistic Fertility Package - Couple

With this package, both partners get to enjoy this healing blend of beneficial of treatments to bring balance to the Mind, Body and emotions.

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