Our second Relaxation and Wellness Retreat, is being held in the beautiful Dunboyne Castle Hotel on Sunday 8th April from 2 – 5pm. 3 Therapists, 3 different therapies, 3 hours – collectively we will be bringing you the opportunity to experience deep relaxation and wellness through Reiki, Reflexology (hand or foot), Sound Healing and more, enabling you to receive the essential self nourishment each of us need and deserve. Absolutely nothing is expected of you except to simply lie down and allow your body and mind to just drift away for 3 whole hours.

Enjoy a wonderful sound bath performed by Beth from Ahimsa. Sound healing employs the vibrations from gongs, singing bowls and more to induce relaxation and stimulate healing leaving you feeling deeply relaxed.

Whilst Beth performs her magic with the sounds, Marie from Soul Sanctuary will balance your energies and bring energy balance and vitality relieving physical and emotional stress with the power of Reiki.

You will also enjoy a form of Reflexology called Functional Reflex Therapy (the Relaxation Routine) performed on either your hands or feet by Catherine from Soul Therapies. This treatment is designed to increase the happy chemical in the body called Oxytocin whilst reducing the stress hormone Cortisol.

Healing naturally occurs on many levels when we are in a state of deep relaxation. Even one hour of being immersed in this state is the equivalent of four hours sleep, imagine how you will feel after 3!  Think of it as a heavenly 3 course feast of pure rest and rejuvenation, of being fully immersed in a blissful state of stillness as you soak up the soft blend of healing energies. These 3 hours are literally a top to toe, soul to sole overhaul for body, mind and spirit, guaranteed to leave you feeling more positive, balanced and connected than when you arrived. To ensure maximum comfort and some individual attention for those present, places are limited so booking is essential.

Places are limited to 10 and secured by a deposit of 40 euro, so to book your place, contact either;

Sound Healing Therapist – Beth at Ahimsa – 087-1216655
Reiki Therapist – Marie at The Soul Sanctuary  – 086 8629815
Reflexology Therapist – Catherine at Soul Therapies – 086 8147959

A deposit of €40 is required to confirm your place and can be made through myself by using the paypal button at the end of the page.  Please be sure to provide your name and contact details when you book so that we can get in touch with further details for the retreat;

ღ³ Dunboyne Castle

ღ³ Sunday 8th April from 2-5pm

ღ³ €90 (booking deposit of €40 required to secure your space)

We are so looking forward to connecting with you and are happy to answer any questions you might have about coming along so please feel free to contact us below;

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