Hi, my Name is Catherine and I am Mark’s wifey and a mother of 2 wonderful boys living in Ratoath Co. Meath.

My journey to motherhood opened up a whole new world to me and made me re-address my lifestyle, the foods I ate, the creams and cosmetics I put on my skin and the ingredients I used to clean my home.  I started by changing the foods we consumed and went out of my way to source organic where possible and cooked proper meals with only the rare indulgence of processed foods.  Nowadays I also enjoy making my own probiotics by fermenting foods and drinks for my family.  I will admit that I do have to sneak in a lot of these foods without them knowing but they will thank me one day !

I investigated natural and organic creams and cosmetics and sourced the best I could find believing that anything I put on my skin and my  family’s skin was absorbed in to our bloodstream.  There are plenty of natural and organic creams and cosmetics out there now but one of my favourite brands is Neals Yard Remedies who also supply organic essential oils and other products which won’t damage your health.  They are an ethical company and source the best of organic ingredients.  I also make my own soaps.

I sourced more natural cleansers for my home and went back to basics using age old options like bread soda and vinegar to clean and to reduce our toxic overload.

I first encountered Reflexology many years ago when I was trying to get pregnant.  Back then I didn’t really understand how Reflexology was helping me but I did find it amazingly relaxing.  Then with 2 boys in the family, very close in age, my life was a whirlwind leaving very little time for myself.  I didn’t go back to my job as an IT Network Manager, because I didn’t want someone else raising my family for me and we were lucky that I could stay at home.  Back then I did think it would be nice to go back to work.  At least I’d get a chance to sit down and have a cup of tea !!!!

As my boys got older I dove more deeply in to a holistic way of life.  I walked a lot, took up yoga and during a spell of insomnia, I also took up meditation.  It wasn’t until late 2016 that my opportunity to learn Reflexology came up.  I know it sounds weird but I was somehow drawn to it.  That Christmas my husband had asked what I wanted for my Christmas pressie, and I said a Foot Spa…..A FOOT SPA !!  I mean, where did that come from.  Then I saw an advert for a place on a Reflexology Diploma course which had come up because of a cancellation.  I just knew it was for me and I got the place.  I became totally in awe about how powerful this treatment is and the stories that a pair of feet can tell.  After months of a hard slog I got my diploma and topped it up with Fertility Reflexology, Pregnancy Reflexology and Functional Reflex Therapy (for children with special needs and adults with dementia). During this time I also completed my Reiki courses which is another powerful energy treatment allowing me to energetically detect imbalances on the feet and re-balance where necessary.

I pride myself on providing all my clients with a top quality thorough, relaxing and professional Reflexology treatment and have had amazing results.  I am consistently updating my skills and adding to my skillset so my clients get value for money and benefit from new and emerging treatments.

I am registered with the National Register of Reflexologists in Ireland.  As a member of the NRRI, I am obliged to continually update my skills so you can be assured that you are getting the best treatment. Being a member also entitles you to claim part of your treatment costs back from your Private Health Insurance.  However, you should contact them beforehand to ensure you are covered as it will depend on what plan you are on.

I would love for you to contact me and make an appointment.  Let’s get acquainted and see what I can do to bring relaxation and balance back in to your life.

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